Tossing, Turning And Talking In My Sleep


The sun sets, the moon rises, the world keeps spinning around. People keep having the same problems and making the same mistakes. It helps to have clear vision and to look at things from the correct perspective. When we are young we gladly take risks and try new things without much thought but after living for a good while and miraculously dodging many things that would do us great harm, we get a little more cautious and actually worry about things beyond our control. The funny thing is that whatever finally does us in will be something completely unexpected. We spend all our time worrying about the wrong things and ignoring those that will actually harm us. I’ve got no solution, just do the best you can and don’t be foolish. Look around, pay attention, take sound advice but be wary of people trying to sell you something. Dream big and sleep well.


Back to photography… This  is a photo shoot that started out based on some ideas from Helmut Newton’s “Polaroids.”  It ended having more in common withWilliam Eggleston (at least to my way of thinking). Like most people I never really knew much about the photographers behind many iconic images and because of the way images are presented in the media we often keep seeing the same few “famous” images over and over. Digging deeper has great rewards.


I did a lot of experimenting on this shoot, in part because the models and conditions did not fit my original concept as well as I would have liked. In this image I have switched from brutal glaring midday sun to slightly less brutal dusk.


In this shot I switched the color of the small fur rug and extended it on the left side. I like vertical stripes so I added an alternating blue  overlay to the fence. There is also some texture thrown in to add depth. This image was shot in the shade of the fence so it was a bit easier to darken it down even with my puny 150w strobe… Steve was shooting next to me and my strobe was causing his to fire in sync. Steve’s is on the right with a beauty dish and mine is towards the left with a 7″ reflector. I’ll take an occasional happy accident when I find  one. Steve was not as happy when he discovered that I had been draining his batter pack all day.