Travels With Boo

On Saturday I had a little photo shoot with Beth Graveman and Steve Yancey. The general theme was travel so we put together a few sets in the apartment building. We started out with some shots meant to look like an old bus station where Boo finds ways to pass time before starting her cross country trip.

Boo finds ways to pass the time including a little friendly flirting. Be careful Boo!

Boo takes on a couple of very odd jobs along the way to pay travel expenses and soon discovers the performer within.

You never know what skills might come in handy on a long trip.

Boo makes a few extra bucks selling vacation photos to other passengers when they make an unexpected stop at a small town gas station. A strange man snaps pictures from inside his car and then drives away…

Sweet success as Boo arrives in a small beach town and finds a charming motel with a pool. Tonight she will dream of being discovered by a well known movie director on vacation and starting her new life as a famous actress…