Uncovering Hidden Treasure

There is a wealth of unseen treasure all around us. The remodeling of a local storefront suddenly revealed one such treasure here last week where things are constantly changing and causing objects to become lost, then rediscovered and lost again. I wanted to create a photograph of this sign before that could happen and the only camera I had with me was the one in my iPhone. I took this photograph and ran it through an iPhone app called “Pic Grunger” to give it an aged look. You have to be careful not to overuse these types of photo filters but they certainly can work well for certain types of images. I wanted this photograph to appear as though it may have fallen somewhere behind something in a dark basement and forgotten many years ago. The people who may have taken it are gone and the memory of the day it was taken is lost. Nothing remains except for an unexplained artifact…

We also had a “Mini Meet Up” with the Strobist St. Louis Group the other day. Where we were doing some planning and just hanging out to talk photography and lighting. It was pretty low key (a pun) and not exactly what I had planned but we did put the time to good use.

This metal pear reminded me of the lyrics to “Woodstock.” I added a warming-filter afterwards to complete the metaphor but I could have just as easily used a colored gel and done it all in-camera (if I had thought of it at the time).

This is not a subject I would typically choose but we were using it as an example of how to create a photograph working with only one light. I hadn’t planned to have flare in the shot either but somehow this turned out to be my favorite version of the proverbial forbidden fruit.

We are stardust, we are golden,
We are billion year old carbon,
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

– Joni Mitchell