Vacation Notes


It’s been a pretty good week. Lots of great food and company. Last night we went out for Mexican food and it was decent enough but the poor waiter didn’t have a clue. To begin with he brought us six filthy menus (not a good way to start) and couldn’t figure out to bring us a second basket of chips even though we ordered double salsa and guacamole. So we kept sending him back and forth for more chips the whole time.

Taylor drowned his GS650 when he went to explore the sand dunes at Silver Lake and then we spent the better part of the afternoon picking him up (a three hour round trip) and another half of the next day bringing the engine back to life.

There is an internet connection at the rental property but it does not work very well or very often. So not too many things got done on-line this week (not that it matters much).

I did get to edit a few photos but really didn’t find much spare time for that either. I practiced taking sunset photos at the beach one evening and we launched some of those paper sky lanterns another night before the moon rose. It was completely black outside by the time we got down there.

I never got to go canoeing but I did hear that there was some sort of oil spill and clean up operation on the river so it may have been for the best. We always talk about sunset sailboat cruises but as usual that never got organized. So lots done and lots left undone. It’s almost time to exit Michigan.