Vacation Time

The “big grin” came this morning on the shuttle bus from the airport parking lot to the terminal. The big grin usually comes on a large sweeping turn when I ride my motorcycle. I wanted to take Isabella for a spin this morning but we opted to take an earlier flight than we originally planned so she will have to wait until I get back home.

I’m using the Lowepro Fastpack 350 on this trip. I left the battery grip on the camera so I need extra room for the chargers and batteries that go along with it. Sort of silly but I do prefer having the grip on my Nikon D300 camera except when I take long steep hikes or ride my bicycle. Even then I miss it.

I checked my tripod so I hope the baggage handlers don’t tear it up. We have to catch another plane in Dallas so I didn’t want to carry the tripod all through the airport. I also thought about bringing a film camera but I decided I already had more gear than I wanted to carry (or needed) and opted for the small Nikon binoculars instead.

I wish I had thought to stick a waterproof stuff-sack in my already bulging Travelpro bag, on the off-hand chance that I might get in a canoe while I’m on vacation.

I guess we would be lost without all our toys but getting them from once place to another can turn out to be a lot of work. I’m just happy to be traveling again.