Walk The Walk

Walking hurts this morning. We walked to get some breakfast and then back to the hotel to plan the day. Last weeks flu seems to linger, causing upset stomachs and emergency bathroom breaks.

We plan on taking it easy today but it never works out like that. I was just informed that there is an Hermes store not far from here so I guess we will be hiking in that direction shortly.

I was watching an older gentleman reading the paper this morning. He would read for a while and then put the paper down to think about what he had read. Then he would pick it up and read again, sometimes he would chuckle to himself as if to say how foolish the news was and that he was past all that.

There are stunning people here and I wish that I could speak to them. No matter, it’s a feast for the eyes. If only my stomach didn’t hurt. We are waiting to meet a Spanish friend of ours who stayed with us when he was an exchange student in St. Louis. Back then I thought that Jamie wanted to be a disk jocky but now he is a pilot flying airplanes around the world. He should be here any moment.