Warehouse Inferno

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

It was very hot on Sunday but in spite of all the discomfort it was a great day and a great photo shoot. The lighting on this shot turned out mostly as I had planned with one exception. The SB600 on camera left at ground level did not fire. At least it didn’t fire during this exposure but it was firing at random intervals for no known reason. The Henna gels were actually a little more red in color than I thought so it may be better with just the one coming from camera right. The key light on camera left is a Nikon SB900 in a 15×15 popup softbox with a 1/2 CTO gel. The white balance is set to cloudy. The fill is from my DIY ring-flash adaptor with an old  Sunpak 383 flash and another 1/2 CTO gel. I was going for a rust or sepia color hue and this worked out pretty well. That blower housing in the background is silver or light gray in color and the combination of warming gels and cloudy WB give it all a nice unifying patina.

The model is Nori. She is a complete pleasure to work with. Never a complaint about the heat, humidity or dust.  She simply took it all in stride (a very long and lovely stride). She would go from one pose to another like some sort of super modeling machine. There were several times when I was actually stopped dead in my tracks by her creativity.

Now I have a lot of photos to sort through and hours of editing to do but not a lot of time to get it done. I guess I’ll be packing the laptop when I go out of town and hammer away  at photo editing whenever I get a few spare minutes.

Many thanks to Darren Rutmanis (Rutster) who spent a lot of time planning and organizing this gathering of the St. Louis Strobist Group and to everyone else who was there sharing their skills and ideas. Check out their work over at flickr. http://www.flickr.com/groups/stlstrobist/

"Deliver us from evil."

Here is shot of the same setup featuring another talented model named Chinga. He is also a great pleasure to be around and I wish I had found more time to spend working with him the other day. I’m looking forward to the next time the St. Louis Strobist Group gets together.

I’ve included a couple of iconic images for reference that served as the inspiration for what I was trying to accomplish with my photographs. I don’t know if it works for anyone else but I  did come very close to what I had in mind and that makes me happy.

Leonardo's Vitruvian Man
Fritz Lang's Metropolis

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