Well I’ve Never been to Spain

Or so the song goes… I’m in Spain and blogging on my iPhone of course. From Dallas to Madrid we flew on a Boeing 777. What a cool airplane that is. The seats fold flat for sleeping and you get your own entertainment center to play with. At least you do if you are in the first-class section.

The food was very good. It’s a subjective thing but I have to say that everything was of high quality and pretty tasty. We also had a good crew and that makes a big difference.

I went to sleep around ten or eleven (way too early for me) and only slept a little before they woke us up to eat breakfast at 3 am our time. Oh well, I ate that all too.

It’s a long walk from the plane to passport control. That went pretty well and then we got some cash from the ATM. Of course the bills are too big a denomination to be used for the Metro pass machine and the phone link to use a credit card was down. Back upstairs to buy some water just to get change.

We made it to the hotel and then we went walking. A long, long day