Well Worn

I was up in Chicago this week hoping to take some interesting street photos of fashionable type people downtown. The weather was not the best for photography or at least not photography of quickly moving crowds of people but I didn’t let that stop me. I took lots of blurry, out of focus photos in bad light with my lens wide open so that I had no depth of field to work with.

I didn’t care all that much because I was just happy to be outside walking around. I would have been much happier if the weather was warmer or even if the sun came out for more than two seconds.

I could have spent all day just taking photos of boots and never run out of different varieties. Winter has taken its toll on a lot of footwear in Chicago. Boots like the rubber Hunter knee-highs seem like a good choice as far as function goes but we can’t have everyone in town wearing the same old boots.

I also saw a lot of UGG boots but those seem much better suited to powder snow on a mountain than downtown slush being thrown around by traffic.

Hold on to those well worn boots for a few more weeks. As soon as the winter snow ends, the spring rains will begin.

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  1. I find this type of shot hard to take. Do I ask permission or just shoot. Do I wait until I won’t be noticed, risking missing the shot or just boldly shoot? Will the subject be surprised, angry, embarrassed or secretly pleased by the attention?

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