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whatmovesmeI finished my photo for the Strobist Bootcamp project on transportation yesterday, so I would like to thank David Hobby again for providing some nice end of summer inspiration for a fun photo shoot. Everyone’s submissions are over at www.flickr.com in the strobist group pool and tagged with – sbc2assign4.


What moves me is photography and the way it can communicate thoughts, ideas and emotions. This photo was taken at a county park that I had not been to for a long time and I had forgotten how much I always liked going there. When I moved from my house in the suburbs I had to put my kayak into storage and over the winter the little car with the roof racks got sold. So I found myself with no kayak and no way to get a kayak to the water .

At the beginning of the month I borrowed a car (with roof racks) and spent the whole day going from one end of the county to the other to retrieve my trusty kayak and took it over to Ellen’s new house which has a nice little garage in the back, just perfect for things like old kayaks. Then I returned the car and went looking for cheap roof racks (which really don’t exist) for my own car so that I could go kayak when the mood strikes me. So this is a little tribute to my old friend which my nieces have named “Brucie.”

Exposure info: ISO 200, WB 3800, 1/160 second, f/5.6 and exposure comp -1/3 stop. Dark red gels on two flash units in boat sealed in double plastic bags and triggered with cactus v2 triggers. SB800 behind rear bulkhead, Sunpak 383s in front. Flashes set to half power. Nikon D300 focal length14 mm on Tokina 12-24 dx lens.

For more kayaking and canoeing fun check out www.adventurecanoe.com and sign up for the forum.

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  1. Your entry of the illuminated kayak is gorgeous. We expect that color and light in the sky, but in the kayak, it’s unexpected.

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