Wild Rides

It’s been a long, long time

Since I’ve been on such a wild ride

That it’s hard to decide

On the extent of my decline

It’s taken me a while

And always brings a smile

To add the many miles

Between places in my mind

Poetry is like packing a box. It’s all about the economy of space and some people are better at both than others. My teachers often chided me for substituting poetry for prose by writing terse notes in bold red letters on the assignments I handed in. I guess we can’t all be happy and we are certainly not all the same.

This particular photo was taken with the iPhone 3G at the Dallas Airport. I cropped it and did a little fuddling about with the contrast afterwards mostly because I needed something to work on while I am testing the trial download of Adobe Aperture 3. This is really my first experience with Aperture and I never really got into using iPhoto on my MacBook so it’s a whole new world in many ways. There is a lot to like about the user interface and tools with plenty of adjustment presets that will get you started on enhancing your photos very quickly. It’s pretty impressive and should appeal to both new and experienced photographers who want to organize and edit their work as efficiently as possible.

Check it out for yourself – http://www.apple.com/aperture/trial/

One Reply to “Wild Rides”

  1. With my poems, I have to get the idea down while it’s in my head, so I start out with short, blunt lines but later I’m often able to go back and straighten them out, embellish on them and sometimes even make them rhyme!

    In regard to the Aperture trial, when I was using a Windows PC, I used a photo organization software called Polyview by Polybytes. It was the one thing I had the hardest time getting over and finding a replacement for. I tried every photo organizer I could find for the Mac, free, large and small and I still like Polyview much better than any. I practically begged Larry at Polybytes to create a Mac version but he said there were similar programs available. I have lots of photo organizers that do some of the things I need but none that does all. I do have Aperture and Lightroom, neither of which I’ve used enough to learn very well. I also have the frustrating iPhoto, which I use only when I want to create a quick Mac based project. I think iPhoto has potential, it’s just not finished enough to do what I want to do. I rarely edit my photos in anything other than Photoshop but being able to sort, store and find things is of real importance to me in photo software.

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