Winter Storms

Snow, sleet, ice, freezing rain and everything in between. It’s a weatherman’s wet dream, pun intended. The bunny who lives between the buildings was taking a nap in our basement garage yesterday. It is warm and dry there and he seemed genuinely upset that I disturbed him. Right now there is some sort of precipitation rasping on the windows and the television weatherman is droning on about the end of the world and impassible streets. Cool beans…

I made it to work and eventually found myself working alone because everyone else on my shift called in sick. Coming home late at night the driveway was blocked with snow but a couple of guys from the building next door gave me a push and with a lot of wheel spinning I managed to get the car up the drive and into the garage. In the morning the maintenance guys shoveled the drive but left a deep pile of snow at the end of the drive where it meets the street. Since I don’t actually own a four wheel drive military transport truck, of course I got stuck again. I’m not sure why highly paid workmen can’t figure out the last and most critical part of clearing a driveway but chances are the building management company forbids them from going in or near the street for liability reasons. So basically I must continue getting stuck in the rut at the bottom of the drive, a few feet short of dry pavement. Thank you so much.

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