Workin’ On The Night Moves


There was a full moon the other night so as tired as I was I decided to grab my camera and my lovely assistant to go out and shoot some photos under the light of the full moon. Truth be told, there was probably more ambient light than moonlight but I’ll use any excuse to take photos.

The hands down master of night photography is Troy Paiva, who has been doing night photography and light painting in and around abandoned places since 1989. He has also been running the Lost America Website since 1998. Troy has recently published his second book about night photography called Night Vision: The Art of Urban Exploration.

My lovely assistant wanted to know why we had to take the photos at night using a long exposure since we could just as easily take them during the day with short exposures. Uh, because this is way cooler.

We took some photos from the alley side until a big dog came and starting running towards us. We had Louis the furtography dog with us and he likes to pick fights with much bigger dogs. He is basically a smartass and causes all sorts of grief like knocking over equipment and offering lame compositional advice like, “I think you should shoot this from ground level.”

“Yeah, well you eat crap off the sidewalk too.”

I don’t know why we keep inviting him to our photo shoots. I guess it’s because he is always hanging around with that look on his face as if to say, “What are WE doing today?”

Anyhow, this is a two minute exposure at 5.6 shot at ISO 400 which I had not intended and explains why it was a bit overexposed and had to be tweaked in post processing. I thought I had checked all that before I left the house.