Working For The Weekend

Not much happening around here. I’m mostly looking forward to the St. Louis Strobist Group meet-up, happening next Sunday. Right now the flash batteries are charging up as I daydream about all the different lighting setups I want to try.

I’ve got four decent flashes to use and four of the Yongnuo RF602 remotes to fire them with. For working in close-quarters I may fire up the Nikon CLS and use some reflectors with my new mini soft-box. I’ll also be taking my DIY Ring Flash adapter and whatever other junk I can squeeze in the car.

My main concern is about how hot it may get inside the warehouse we are shooting at. I’m planning to bring lots of water, a fan and a folding chair but of course the more you bring the more you have to carry in and out. Too bad my lovely assistant is scheduled to be out of town that day.