World Famous

giordanosThere is always a heated debate about who has the best pizza in town. Since we had other plans for the night all I got was a photo outside of Giordano’s. They do have good pizza though some of us lean towards Gino’s for our deep dish delight.

I took a series of hand held photos, trying not to shiver from the extreme cold outside. The idea was to get some sort of reflection in the foreground and since the pavement was dry, I tried catching reflections on the passing cars. Of course a tripod would have helped a lot but since I got my new lens I seem to keep trying to use it somewhere beyond the ragged edge of a decent exposure. I seem to keep taking shots at around 1/10 of a second at 24mm on my D300 at high ISO and of course I keep getting less than stunning results.

I am really longing for sunshine and warmth right now and it’s not happening. I thing I need some beach time but since I don’t have any time to go to the beach I guess I will have to dream of warm pizza ovens instead.

I just finished reading Joe McNally’s book “The Hot Shoe Diaries.” It is full of McNallyizms (see I can make up words too) and other interesting bits of knowledge. I think it would really be interesting to see a book written by one or more of Joe’s long-suffering assistants to compare (and contrast) his recollection of events. Joe points out up front that this is not a how-to manual and it is actually written more like a diary or even a blog with lots of short and to the point examples of what it’s like to be Joe and lighting stuff with small flash units. Sometimes there are a whole lot of small flash units so it’s not exactly about minimalist lighting, though there are some examples of one and two-light setups in there as well. Joe shoots with Nikon equipment so that is what he talks about and the equipment has a lot to do with his work flow. Joe talks a lot about iTTL and Nikon CLS in the book and how to make everything work together in different situations. There is also some good general information about different qualities of light and the use of light modifiers so it’s not just for Nikon shooters.

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  1. Our summer neighbors have brought us a Giordano’s pizza several times. Very cheesy! I wonder what the calorie count is on a slice of that?

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