Trigger Finger

I’m just making a note to myself so that when I finally find the perfect wireless flash trigger, I won’t forget what a difficult and frustrating journey it was to get there.

There are constantly new products coming to market but so far there is no single clear winner. It’s always a balancing act between cost per flash, cost of emergency backups and available functions.  What people seem to want most is reliability and what we often seem to get are liabilities.

Here is a short list of desirable flash trigger features:

  • Reliability
  • 100 yard working range
  • Support of Nikon CLS groups
  • Ability to remotely control flash power level
  • Support for Nikon FP HSS high sync mode
  • Support of Nikon iTTL including distance functions
  • Support for rear curtain sync and slow sync modes
  • Competitive pricing
  • Support for various connections to strobes and studio flash units with industry standard connectors
  • Power indicator
  • Communication indicator
  • Channel indicator
  • Simple channel selection using hands only
  • Easily accessible power level controls
  • Ability to use easily sourced batteries
  • Ability to replace batteries without using tools
  • Backwards compatibility with existing triggers and flashes
  • Ability to add future firmware updates
  • Decent customer support

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