You’ve Got Things To Do

There are things to do and places to go in the new year. I’ve started by backing up my hard drives and watching a lot of television. There were a couple of interesting music documentaries on today. It has begun snowing again and it is very cold (single digit temperatures tonight). There did not seem to be much point in going out today though I did make a run to the airport this morning while it was still sunny and the roads were clear.

I continue to have a lot of fun with iPhonography by taking photos of just about everything in sight. I think I may even have the contact list on the phone properly synced up now. I already have several pages of applications downloaded on the iPhone and my favorites are have something to do with photography.

I like the PS Mobile app and the Gorillacam app a lot. I use the Polarize app way too much but it is hard to resist making little faux Polaroids out of things. There is a free LEGO application that turns your photos into colorful LEGO tiles. I also like the music applications with simulated instruments like drums and steel guitars. I’ve played around enough today, it’s time to get back to my hard drive project.